Our Diamondback Reserve wines represent the very best from our winery. We select reserve wines based on the quality of the vintage and the potential of the wine.

We package these wines in glass bottles with screwcap closures in order to protect them as they gracefully age.

  • 2012 traminette front label

    2012 Reserve Traminette

    Our Reserve Traminette is an off-dry white that emphasizes the unique aromas and flavors of the Traminette grape. We treated this wine with special care, including an extended cold soak prior to fermentation to extract more of the Traminette grape's unique aroma and flavors.

  • 2012 Cayuga Front Label

    2012 Reserve Cayuga

    Our Reserve Cayuga is an off-dry white that emphasizes the Cayuga grape's tropical fruitiness backed with a crisp acidity. Best served with a light dessert or as a wine to savor on a hot summer day.

  • tartaruga_FRONT small

    2010 Tartaruga Bianco

    Tartaruga = Tortoise or Turtle. Incorporating a complex blend of white grapes, this Reserve quality wine hints at our Italian heritage while representing the upper Eastern Shore of Maryland. Slightly sweet and full of complex flavors, see if you can guess the blend - or just enjoy the mystery. Salute!

  • Sangiovese

    2010 Sangiovese

    Our Sangiovese is a lighter-bodied red wine, made to honor out Italian wine heritage. Crisp acidity and sharp berry flavors make this an excellent wine to serve with traditional Italian, tomato-based foods, such as pasta sauces and pizza.