Terrapin Station Wines

Our Diamondback Reserve wines represent the very best from our winery. We select reserve wines based on the quality of the vintage and the potential of the wine.

We package these wines in glass bottles with screwcap closures in order to protect them as they gracefully age.

  • 2012 traminette front label

    2012 Reserve Traminette

    Our Reserve Traminette is an off-dry white that emphasizes the unique aromas and flavors of the Traminette grape. We treated this wine with special care, including an extended cold soak prior to fermentation to extract more of the Traminette grape's unique aroma and flavors.

  • 2012 Cayuga Front Label

    2012 Reserve Cayuga

    Our Reserve Cayuga is an off-dry white that emphasizes the Cayuga grape's tropical fruitiness backed with a crisp acidity. Best served with a light dessert or as a wine to savor on a hot summer day.

  • tartaruga_FRONT small

    2010 Tartaruga Bianco

    Tartaruga = Tortoise or Turtle. Incorporating a complex blend of white grapes, this Reserve quality wine hints at our Italian heritage while representing the upper Eastern Shore of Maryland. Slightly sweet and full of complex flavors, see if you can guess the blend - or just enjoy the mystery. Salute!

  • Sangiovese

    2010 Sangiovese

    Our Sangiovese is a lighter-bodied red wine, made to honor out Italian wine heritage. Crisp acidity and sharp berry flavors make this an excellent wine to serve with traditional Italian, tomato-based foods, such as pasta sauces and pizza.


Terrapin Classics are our most popular wines. These wines are great for the boat, pool or beach, where their 1.5 liter box packaging makes them both convenient and eco friendly. Our boxes are smaller than traditional wine boxes to make them easier to store and carry. They carry twice as much wine as 750 ml bottles while weighing half as much and taking much less space.

Terrapin Classics - White Wines

  • Traminette

    Traminette is one of our specialty wines and our most popular. With its Gerwurztraminer parentage, the grape yields a spicy, crisp wine that goes exceptionally well with Asian foods.The boxed version of our Traminette is a semi-sweet style, ready to drink and enjoy.

  • Cayuga White

    Our Cayuga White is one of our most popular wines, and is extremely well adapted to our upper Eastern Shore climate. We make our Cayuga in a crisp, semi-sweet style. It is excellent on its own or with desserts. It is light and lively with hints of tropical fruits.


Terrapin Classics - Red Wines

  • Five Rivers Rose

    Five Rivers Rose'

    Cecil County is known for five rivers that feed the Chesapeake Bay: Susquehanna, North East, Elk, Bohemia & Sassafras. Our Five Rivers Rose' is made from St. Vincent grapes grown here in Cecil County;


Our Pyrate Wines are crowd-pleasing wines meant to enhance any social gathering. Fun, fruity and different, they're easy to drink and easy to work with. All of our Pyrate Wines are packed in our 1.5 L boxes, so you can take them anywhere, anytime.

  • Better Red than Dead Wine

    Better Red than Dead

    A bold port-style wine for your adventures both sea-faring and ashore. This hearty, sweet dessert wine has rich fruit flavor with a touch of chocolate. Made in honor of the Pyrates Royale, who have been entertaining audiences


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Direct Shipping is now legal in Maryland! You can order our wines online from our webstore and we will ship them directly to you. The webstore includes non-wine items such as shirts. We will add items to the store over time as our webstore matures.