Employment Opportunities

We try to keep TSW a fun and informal place to work. Most of the staff work at TSW in addition to their "day jobs" because they enjoy hanging around the wines and vines. We try to use technology whenever possible for communications, operations and administration. But while we try to be virtual, there is a lot of hands-on work to be done: if you like to get wet and messy, well we might have just the job for you!

We are an equal opportunity employer. Having people on the team with varied experiences and backgrounds helps us work more effectively and make products that appeal to our broad set of customers.

This page has both general accounments regarding employment at TSW as well as any specific opportunities for positions we are trying to fill. We currently have filled all of our staff positions - thank you for your interest. If you have a question about employment opportunities at TSW that are not answered here, please use the Contact page to send your question to us.