Cecil Red Box

The Box is Smart!™

  • One glass? Two? Five? It’s up to you, the wine will stay fresh for six weeks or more after opening.
  • Concerned about the environment? The box is recyclable and weighs much less than bottles, meaning less fuel used, pollution generated, and a greener you.
  • Hate corkscrews? So do we. Just punch out the opening, pull out the tap, take off the seal and start enjoying.
  • Bottles roll around and break. Boxes sit nicely on the shelf, counter or refrigerator. And the have a carrying handle. Perfect for the pool or beach where broken glass is a bummer.
  • Each box has 1.5 L - twice as much as a standard bottle!

Quick Facts About Boxed Wine:

  • Boxed wine creates 91% less landfill waste than traditional bottle and cork packaging
  • Bag-in-box packaging creates 79% less greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing and shipping
  • Boxed wines use 77% LESS energy to produce than traditional glass bottle and cork packaging
  • Our 1.5 L box weighs less than a 750ML bottle, yet holds twice as much


Want to Learn More?

Learn more about the benefits of wine in a box: