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Terrapin Station Winery Boxed Wines
The 1.5L cube is, Morris Zwick believes, the perfect size for selling his wine.

Maryland Winery's Packaging Stands Out

Terrapin Station uses bag-in-box exclusively for its unusual line

by Linda Jones McKee

Elkton, Md. -- Terrapin Station Winery outside Elkton, Md., is located in a state that has tripled its number of wineries in three years. With that kind of explosive growth, how does a new winery offer something special, other than being "new," which lasts only until the next winery opens? Morris and Janet Zwick, the owners of Terrapin Station, have a philosophy that separates their operation from the rest of the recently opened Maryland wineries. Their approach is reflected in Morris Zwick's statement, "I'd rather do something unique than be a 'me-too' guy." Consequently, the Zwicks do not grow Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay; they have no tasting room and they don't use bottles. Read the rest of this article in Wines & Vines Magazine

Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine

COVER STORY: The Rise of 3-Liter Box Wines

Photo of Boxed Wines
Eco-benefits and quality contribute to double-digit growth

By Tina Caputo, editor-in-chief

When premium 3-liter bag-in-box wines first entered the American marketplace in 2003, 5-liter boxes ruled the category. The higher quality and smaller footprint of this new generation of bag-in-box wines quickly caught the attention of value-minded wine drinkers, and during the next two years, sales of premium 3L bag-in-box wines jumped 160%, according to Nielsen Company figures. Read the Rest of the Article... in Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine

Terrapin TimeOut on UMTV

Terrapin TimeOut on UMTV with Reporter John Harvey at Terrapin Station Winery

University of Maryland Television (UMTV) Reporter John Harvey takes a look at Terrapin Station Winery, which is owned and run by Alumni Morris and Janet Zwick.