Bottles, Boxes, and Bags ...Oh My!

TSW Bottles and Boxes

In 2008 we introduced Maryland's first and only boxed wine. Boxed wine packaging, which had made up 100% of our offerings, are more convenient and more eco-friendly than bottles. Fast forward to 2011 and we introduced... bottles. What gives?

We are still big believers in boxed wine packages. It's lighter, more convenient, can be taken anywhere, is fully recyclable and keeps the wine fresh for an extended period of time. It's perfect for the vast majority of wines in the world today: wines that are meant to be consumed when they are purchased. We have always said, however, that the limited shelf life of the boxed wine package (about 18 months, depending on the wine) does not make them practical for wines with aging potential. So, when we think we have a special wine that could potentially get better with age, we now have a second package: 750 ml bottles with a twist.

A twist? We still refuse to use corks, which are an anachronism with the better options we have today. Corks are difficult to remove, degrade over time, and louse up anywhere from 6-10% of all wines closed in corks due to a chemical process that "corks" the wine (and hence ruins it). A screwcap closure provides a near-perfect seal to protect the wine and is much more convenient to use. We think you'll agree.

We look forward to continue selling wines in both packages that you will enjoy and savor.

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