The Bay, The Terrapin, The Wine - What it Means to Us


While we emphasize fun and doing things outside the box here at Terrapin Station Winery, we do have a serious side. We are committed to protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed and preserving the state's agricultural heritage.

We've chosen eco-friendly packaging to reduce the amount of carbon energy required to package, ship, and store wine. Read more about the benefits of the box. We've planted grape varieties which thrive in our Eastern shore climate and soil in order to reduce the amount of spraying and pesticide runoff. And, we seriously like the Terrapin.

The Diamondback Terrapin, a native of the Chesapeake Bay, is the Maryland state reptile. Once plentiful in number, the Terrapin is facing tremendous pressures on its environment that threaten its very existence. We think fighting for the Terrapin is a good way to give back for the blessings bestowed upon us by the beauty of the Bay. We donate a portion of all of our sales to the Terrapin Institute to help save the Terrapin. To learn more, see About the Terrapin.